Talk Show Host Highlights Property Owners’ Redevelopment Plight

 Talk show host Sean Hannity aired a segment titled “American Dream Becomes Eminent Domain Nightmare in New Jersey” on his nationally syndicated show.  The segment highlights how the threat of eminent domain has been used to acquire property in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, while leaving the remaining residents with damaged homes and without sidewalks.  A transcript of the segment can be found here.

 For more on the legal issues surrounding the Mt. Holly cases, please see the following:

 A copy of the Federal Court’s January 3, 2011, opinion can be found here.

 A copy of the New Jersey Appellate Division’s 2007 opinion can be found here.

 A copy of the New Jersey Public Advocate’s report “Evicted from the American Dream: The Redevelopment of Mount Holly Gardens”, please click here.

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 The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Cory K. Kestner, Esq., of McKirdy & Riskin, PA, in the preparation of this article.